The origin


A group of teachers and journalists who have worked together.


The IPI Foundation has been generated after twenty years of intermittent but continuing an interdisciplinary team of university and professional media collaboration teachers.


In 2010 we decided to start a project, the IPI Foundation, which allow globally replicate the methodology and, above all, the kind of knowledge that we generate: panoramic description of the look of different countries on the same subject.


For what?


An instrument of global social reflection


Make this contemporary societies and their managers globality of problems and their solutions. That is, with us, to our country or group interest, other countries or groups who are also interested in the same subject. Our goal is to show how many and what have distribution looks different countries or groups on any topic that concerns everyone.




prospective methodology


We do this using the forward-looking methodologies that have been refined over the last two applying them to a network of professional media written in Latin America, the European Union, close to the EU countries and in Spain by autonomous communities decades .