Canal Europa

Canal Europa (European Channel) is a specialised information service that focuses on the European Union.
The Aquí Europa (Here Europe) daily bulletin offers an on-line information service about the European Union.
It has more than 10,000 single users each month and its pages are viewed 6,000 times per day on average. In addition, they send more than 5,100 newsletters every day.
Aquí Europa provides daily updates about the activities of the European Union: policies, legislative procedures, finance, reactions of its member states, non-governmental organisations, economic groups, the public opinion, etc.
It is the only daily bulletin in Spanish about the European Union in Brussels.
It offers:
- Specialised and analysed information about everything happening in Europe
- Aid and opportunities
- Follow-up of new laws and legal matters
- General and sector information
- Tailored services
- Guide of Internet resources related to the EU


Its daily readers include:

  •  National, International, Regional and Local Authorities
  •  Financial entities
  •  Consultancies and business federations
  •  Non-Governmental Organisations
  •  University professors, researchers and students
  •  SMEs and professionals from any sector
  •  Members of the European Parliament and European officials
  •  Permanent Representations in Spain
  •  The media and press correspondents
  •  Spanish-speaking diplomatic offices
  •  Offices of the Autonomous Communities
  •  Consultancy offices and stakeholders

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