Media Red Service

Prestomedia offers a service tailored to the decision of corporate strategy with special emphasis on concepts of image and communication.
Analysis of content and messages

Analysis of content and messages




  • Define communicable object (product, brand, institution or person) which we want to improve social identification through a plan of communication or advertising intervention.
  • Define order of priority subjects (public goals) whose subjective perception we want to improve.
  • Define the desired social identification for the object between these subjects (vs. tailored suit costume).
  • Analyze social identification attributed by the subject (target audiences) to "communicable object".
  • Assess the coincidences and (positive and negative) differences between:
    • The desired social identification, and
    • The assigned social identification.
  • Deduct a map of strengths and weaknesses in order to set priorities in the Plan should focus communication or advertising to bring social identification attributed to the desired.
  • Finalize the proposed plan for improvement:
  • Implement and evaluate plans about communicative improvement