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Prestomedia, Integral Communications. Public Relations and consulting Company, is composed of professionals specialising in the design, creation and execution of internal, external, corporate, relationship marketing and crisis management communication strategies for companies and institutions.


Inventa Publicidad

Inventa Publicidad


Reflect one minute on advertising: If I ask you to describe me pictures of any of the ads that Renfe said Renfe, improve your way of life will probably have difficulty finding these images. However, everyone remembers that wonderful slogan associated with our trains in the eighties.


Or, without going so far back in time, if I say "Because I worth it" maybe not remember the images of the ads, but if that phrase is part of the latest campaigns Loreal.


Finding a good campaign concept is a good way to make our customers memorize and associate certain characteristics to the products and brands we sell. It is a way, of course, but not the only one.


Founded in 1995, Inventa Advertising has always been committed to the development of messages and good concepts solved in words. We do not underestimate the image actually live in the world of appearance and are well aware of its importance, but you have to escape from the hollow images, without semantic content.


Being clear about our work on the messages, what we have done throughout our professional career has been adapted to the demands of new media and new consumers: now the communication is to create profiles of products, brands or institutions and keep living in the new forums and social media.