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Prestomedia offers a service tailored to the decision of corporate strategy with special emphasis on concepts of image and communication.
Brand reputation

Brand reputation


Corporate reputation is assessed by six variables:
  • Economic and financial results
    • Accounting profit
    • Profitability
    • Quality of economic information
  • Internal reputation
    • Job quality
    • Professional and ethical values
    • Identification with the business project
  • Ethics and corporate responsibility
    • Ethical corporate behavior
    • Commitment to the community
    • Environmental social responsibility


  • international dimension of the company
    • Number of countries in which it operates
    • Turnover abroad
    • International strategic alliances


  • Innovation
    • I + D Investment
    • New products and services
    • New channels
  • Quality of the commercial offer
    • Product values
    • Brand values
    • Customer service